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If ignorance is bliss, why is Ann Coulter so bitter? The smartest thing to ever come out of her mouth was Liz Cheney’s cock. — JAG




  • <a href="">Scientific Method and WTC Bldg. 7</a> Scientific Method and WTC Bldg. 7 "People don't understand. There may be more. Anyone of these fucking buildings can blow up. This ain't done yet!"

    Video clip: NYPD firefighters discuss three explosions in WTC lobby, an area the plane didn't strike...

  • <a href=""><h1>Joan Rivers! Who are you wearing? </a></h1>

    Joan Rivers! Who are you wearing?

    Joan Rivers is said to have sworn "I wouldn't be caught dead without one!" An homage to history's greatest fashionista...
  • <a href="">Oradour-sur-Glane and Gaza Reprisal Massacres Condemn Us</a> Oradour-sur-Glane and Gaza Reprisal Massacres Condemn Us Grief-stricken Palestinian father begs child to wake up as he “got him some toys and some things,” pulled away by medical staff. Child was hit with Israeli sniper fire. THIS IS NOT ISRAEL HITTING A HUMAN SHIELD. IT IS TARGETED INFANTICIDE.
  • <a href="">MH17 Another Operation Gladio?</a> MH17 Another Operation Gladio? In a damning report Aug 3 report, “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts”, Associated Press reporter Robert Parry said “some US intelligence sources had concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame”.
  • <a href="">Captain America’s Very Real-life Parallels</a> Captain America’s Very Real-life Parallels Like the Skull and Bones, Hydra was a Nazi cabal that infiltrated every level of US government. The former recruited Nazi SS men into the CIA under Bonesman Allen Dulles and George H. W. Bush, creating an unnaccountable secret government..
  • <a href="">The “56 Grassy Knoll Witnesses Conspired to Lie to the Warren Commission” Conspiracy Theory</a> The “56 Grassy Knoll Witnesses Conspired to Lie to the Warren Commission” Conspiracy Theory Because 56 witnesses would have to conspire to present the same consistent account, the most ridiculous and obvious conspiracy theory of all is coming from the Lone Gunman Conspiracy Theorists.
  • <a href="">Supreme Court Rulings Consistent with Illuminati Doctrine</a> Supreme Court Rulings Consistent with Illuminati Doctrine Actual rulings consistent with an Illuminati doctrine written over 200 years ago calling for a totalitarian world government run by a cabal of international bankers, industtrialists, and insecure, psychologically malleable "intellectualuals" manipulated by flattery and applause.
  • <a href="">How Sean Hannity Got That Shiner</a> How Sean Hannity Got That Shiner Though every man of good will and conscience wishes to have delivered it personally, alas, it was not intentional. How he got it is still an interesting story, though.
  • <a href="">Why the Truth About JFK's Death May be the Most Important Thing You Can Know</a> Why the Truth About JFK's Death May be the Most Important Thing You Can Know The three key players in the JFK assassination were President Lyndon Johnson, President Richard Nixon, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Behind them were a cadre of right-wing military officers, oilmen and bankers. The plan could have only succeeded if Johnson agreed to protect conspirators after the fact, which he did.
  • <a href="">New Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, Definition of Moron</a> New Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, Definition of Moron Speaking of consensus, I suppose Charles Krauthammer's antagonism toward scientific consensus on global warming is understandable, given that a vast majority of scientists consider Krauthammer a moron.

Why the Truth About JFK’s Death May be the Most Important Thing You Can Know59eba3f1977ad1e84293f38d72fe8c83

In 1977, the House Select Committee on Assassinations was also investigating the Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. killings. The curious parallels between the Lincoln assassination and Kennedy’s was noted because the latter seemed a copy cat coup. A key piece of evidence was an obscure but damning book by Finis L. Bates, “The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth” and Booth’s diary. Years later, however, King’s assassination would go to trial and the government would be found guilty of conspiring to kill King.

The three key players in the JFK assassination were President Lyndon Johnson, President Richard Nixon, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. They met in Texas, near Dallas, the night prior to the assassination. Behind them were a cadre of right-wing military officers, intelligence officers, oilmen and bankers. The plan could have only succeeded if Johnson, upon becoming president and assuming control of the armed services and the CIA and FBI, agreed to protect conspirators after the fact, which he did. One often speaks of the unusual Lincoln-Kennedy parallels, but the most obvious one of all is this: Andrew Johnson’s presidency almost 100 years ago was the result of conspirators who also knew they could count on his pardons and assistance after the fact, when his presidential powers could ensure immunity. As Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth is said to have put it in a conversation with Vice-President Andrew Johnson:

“‘Make as sure of your aim as I have done in arranging for your escape. For in your complete success lies our only hope.

“I replied, ‘I will shoot him in the brain.’

“‘Then practically, from this time I am President of the United States,’ replied Vice-President John­son, and he added, ‘goodbye.’

CiaaAligned (3)

CIA memo to media assets on how to discredit and attack critics of the Warren Commission’s Lone Gunman Theory and a note on how suspicion of President Johnson’s involvement in the assassination is now becoming problematic in European circles.

If there was any truth to this assertion, the first thing you would expect after a coup would be endless cover-ups with witness intimidation and disappearances. You would expect to see things like Kennedy’s missing brain and x-rays, which along with the Zapruder film which demonstrated conclusively there were shots from the Grassy Knoll and underscored the absurdity of the Lone Gunman theory, all designed to distract you from Johnson. You would expect to see things like Kennedy’s casket being dumped into the sea, in a munitions dump, and widespread destruction of evidence. You would expect to see Johnson seal records relating to the assassination for over 50 years, more than enough time to ensure those documents would be destroyed before the seal was lifted. You would expect Nixon to do the same. You would expect to see things like Nixon using code terms like “Bay of Pigs” to refer to the assassination and of course, you would expect 15 minutes of Watergate tapes erased numerous times by an idiotic secretary.

You would expect powerful media assets controlled by wealthy conspirators to tell you black is white, up is down, to do everything they could to mislead and confuse Americans. You would expect a state-mandated disinformation script. You would expect a widespread and continuing effort by the CIA and FBI to conceal all evidence pointing to a conspiracy or Johnson’s involvement. As with any coup, you would expect a national and concerted media campaign attacking anyone who came close to the truth, and we saw that.

You would expect to see the corporate media use the national trauma that was the Kennedy assassination to manipulate our cognitive dissonance as we saw painfully contradictory evidence to the official story; to use the psychological defensive mechanisms of denial and anger to shut down our rational thinking and rather than question the actions of our government, trust them even more.

As you can see from the CIA’s 1967 memo to media assets in the broadcast and print media, from the New York Times to Washington Post, ABC, NBC,CBS, etc. this is exactly what happened and continues to this day. It was this memo from which the term “conspiracy theorist” emerged as a calculated derogatory label for anyone who connected the dots leading to Johnson. There is no jailer more potent than one which can imprison your mind, and that is what the corporate media does and will continue to do. It is for this reason that the greatest threat to American freedom has been, and will always be a controlled and unaccountable media.


Hitler Displeased with Recruitment Video

Lumber Joe

Lumber Joe is the resident atheist, psychopathic lumberjack and television/social critic. A noted theologian in his own right, however, he is highly sought after in the talk-show circuit. Often critical of religion, here’s some of the most trenchant and thoughtful pieces of his career.



Rush Limbaugh Takes Sulfuric Acid Bucket Challenge, World Celebrates


Rush breaks character, does the right thing by agreeing to his mom’s Sulfuric Acid Bucket Challenge at Hope for a Cure and Rush Limbaugh’s Painful Death Charity.

Rush Limbaugh’s mom discusses her new book, “Rush Limbaugh: the Case for Post-Natal Abortion.”


Cornelia Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh’s less-than-proud maternal unit.

Regarding her son’s legacy, she had this to say:

“He is my ultimate shame. I should have bought the dog a condom. When I was pregnant with him I paid boxers to punch me in the stomach, to no avail. To this day I can’t even take a dump without wishing it was Rush’s miscarried little carcass swirling in the bowl.”

“Sometimes when I’m down,” she added, “that’s what I daydream about, and it always makes me smile, brings me peace. I fucking detest that racist fat fuck piece of shit…

“Normal kids would masturbate to Playboy. Not Rush. He masturbates to cook books and burger menus, so I tried to avoid buying any cook books that had pictures.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years, some serious thought. Why is he the way he is?

“Ultimately, the measure of our lives is how positively we affect one another. The unborn start with zero, and most people leave this life with a positive number of lives affected and changed, but Rush is in the negative numbers. Millions of people are worse off because he came into this world, and I include myself among them, as his mother. He is the tool of oligarchs who depend on him to mislead the public and create scapegoats, to promote a corporate fascist agenda; to sell wars and divide and conquer the electorate at the expense of American interests.

“I mean, seriously, his show is given away for free, so that’s the only reason people air his garbage and why he has so many affiliates. It’s like “It’s a Wonderful Life.” That movie is public domain so around Christmas everyone airs it not because it is so brilliant a movie, but because it’s cheap. It’s free to air. That is the only reason he has a large audience. Real talk show hosts sell their shows, they don’t have to give it away.

“Rush goes home alone, he’s impotent, if he’s wanted by any women he is wanted not for who he is but for his fame.  And inside him, he knows this because before he ever made it big, he couldn’t find a date for the life of him.  This kind of reality tends to sour a man. It’s why he objectifies women: he knows the pretty ones just see him as an ATM so he instinctively just sees them as objects as well. But there’s more. Obscured by a gut that’s half Cheetos and half bile, he has never seen his own penis. He used to cry about that all the time.

“He was an obese child with arms too short to reach his pee pee, so he often missed the bowl. It only got worse. When he showers his feet don’t get wet, so he stands over his bidet to make sure the bottom half gets washed. Consequently, as he has never seen his penis, his life has been one of profound confusion, self-doubt and rage.  Should he squat to pee or stand? If women lied to him about their love for him, maybe they also lied to him about seeing his pee pee… and maybe all women are evil.

Limbaugh's mom, Cornelia Limbaugh, added "No one said you couldn't wear full body protective gear to accept the Sulfuric Acid Bucket Challenge. What a moron." Here, Pope Francis shows full Vatican support for the worthy cause.

Limbaugh’s mom, Cornelia Limbaugh, added “No one said you couldn’t wear full body protective gear to accept the Sulfuric Acid Bucket Challenge. What a moron.” Here, Pope Francis shows full Vatican support for the worthy cause.

“Rush has made a career out of dividing Americans to act against their own interests, to myopically see race or sex before character. Knowing him as well as I do, there is absolutely nothing about his true enmity against gays and people of color that would differentiate him from a rabid Klan leader. Rush says the same thing as these cross-burners, he just packages the hate in a more acceptable polysyllabic wrapper so I guess that’s why he’s so valuable to the GOP and Tea Party. The message is the same though: white males need to fear the poor, brown people, yellow people, black people, gays, and women.

“When he was a kid he always wanted to see Rex, his father, but he had left us. We saw him at the pound a few years later. I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were related. It would have been too unbearable a shock, and even I am not that mean.”

“Tell whom? Rush? perhaps that would have been a bit hard for a kid.”

“No. Who gives a fuck about Rush. I’m talking about the dog. Animals get depressed too.”


Rush enjoys, and plugs, his new dual-use mic before preparing daily anti-gay rant.white-book

 More on this shameful excrement…

Boycott AIPAC financiers, Relativity Media

Boycott AIPAC financiers.

It's one thing to side with the Israeli government right or wrong, but quite another to threaten the careers of artists who disagree with you. Boycott AIPAC financiers such as Relativity Media until Kevanaugh steps down as CEO. Click image for Buycott app. Click here for a list of his movies.

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